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E-mail Service
(your name@your
Key Benefits
  • Extremely low cost (beginning as low as $5.00/mo.)
  • Available anywhere from any web browser
  • We can Manage or you can Manage
We have email servers that can handle email for your entire organization, and make that email available to any web browser. We can provide services like Bulk Mailing to your customers, auto-forwarding, auto-responding, web based Calender, Virus protection and more.

Web E-mail
This will allow you to access your own email account not just from your home or office but any web access, anywhere in the world, i.e. a kiosk in an airport or a cyber cafe' in Mexico. You just log in to a private web site and directly access your own mailbox.

Spam Filtering
We will maintain a filter that will block unwanted content from arriving in your mailbox. The filter can be on the Subject or Body of message. This Domain wide filter can either send all "Spam" to a pre-determined mail box or delete it entirely.

Virus Protection
Remove Viruses before the mail gets to your computer. Each e-mail is checked for viruses as it arrives, preventing infection of your system.

List Server
You can use the list server to set up auto subscribe/unsubcribe lists and moderated lists. Can be used to distribute newsletters, etc.

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